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What is Altitude Model UN?

Altitude Model United Nations is a leading conference that allows middle school and high school students from all around the world to convene in New York with the aim to participate, learn and debate salient world topics. Altitude MUN operates in partnership with the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area (UNA-NCA based in Washington, DC) and with selected chapters of the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA, a program of the UN Foundation based in DC and New York).


Comparative Advantages of the Conference

Altitude Model United Nations is organized by an international secretariat coming from various universities around the world including Ivy League universities. The conference offers a unique educational methodology consisting of 5 online training sessions prior to the conference.


What you need to know?

Altitude Model United Nations encourages its participants to produce creative resolutions all while offering them the opportunity to visit the United Nations Headquarters and prominent cultural sites in New York.

Altitude Model UN’s 5 online training sessions tackle the topics of: UN principles and agencies, art of public speaking and negotiating, rules of procedures, position papers and resolution writing, and research methodology.

Altitude Model UN offers four awards per committee: Secretary General, Diplomacy, Position Paper and Best Improved Performance.

Altitude Model UN prides itself in having a published book of resolution at end of conference that is shared with the agenda-setters at the United Nations.

Success Stories

Altitude Model UN believes that the seven skills that cannot be replaced by automation and technology are important and aims to inspire its international participants coming from all over the world through instilling in them the following indispensable skills for future leadership building.


  1. Empathy (feeling with others)
  2. Creativity (coming up with a new idea)
  3. Strategy (setting long term goals)
  4. Communication (in a clear, concrete, concise and courteous manner)
  5. Technology management (with savvy, directness and tact)
  6. Drive (passion and ambition)
  7. Curiosity (thirst for knowledge and discovery)

Themes of the conference are inspired from UN Secretary General’s 2021 priorities:

  1. Making peace with nature
  2. Tackle poverty and inequality
  3. Reverse the assault on human rights
  4. Gender equality (greatest human rights challenge)
  5. Heal geopolitical rifts
  6. Reverse the erosion of the nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regime
  7. Seize the opportunities of digital technologies while protecting against their growing dangers
  8. Launch a reset for the 21st century